Taking Stock: What you’ve seen so far

What we you have seen how to do:

  1. Build & Run umxRAM models
  2. Get umxSummary output
  3. plot model diagrams
  4. umxCompare models
  5. Modify models
    • Drop paths
    • Equate paths by label

umx function list

We’ve used:


What’s in store?

You can learn about umxPath, models, plot, summary in more detail in the advanced collection.

We’ll also cover:

  1. Multiple groups
  2. Twin models: umxACE, umxCP, umxIP, umxGxE
  3. Factor scores (with missing data!)
  4. Ordinal and Binary data
  5. WLS
  6. Modification indices
  7. Confidence intervals
  8. Specific model types
    • Mimic?
    • Simplex
    • Bi-factor?
  9. Lower-level helpers