Gallery of Example Models!

This gallery will hold example models as we build them. To learn about installing umx, or take a basic tutorial, start at the [home page](

note: This page expresses the goal for umx’s coverage of core copy-and-paste model templates. Goal deadline to have it completed by end 2021.

Basic path-based models in umx

Exploratory and Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA)

SEM, indirect effects, mediation analysis

Measurement models and Psychometrics

Multiple groups

Growth and change

Modeling different types of Data correctly

Modeling predictors, effects, definition variables, weights, missingness correctly

How do I simulate data, or do a power analysis?

Wrangling data: scaling, renaming, residualizing etc.

Twin Models


Parameter estimates and fit statistics

How do I add covariates, different intervals for growth…

How to pick starting values

How to modify Graphical output

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